CODE : 83

PRICE : 1,800 THB



-This product purpose is healthy maintenance and can feed through the year(lower temperature limit 14- 16 C )

-It is effective to feed this health maintenance food during the rainy season and koi show season in which the health condition will be easily broken .

-To care the digestion, this product contains Wheat Germ. Moreover, this product contains good bacteria (Bacillus toyoi) and make it easy to maintenance the filtration system.

-The “B-Glucan” derived from black yeast will keep the koi’s immune system healthy and protect the Koi.

How to Feed :

In the season of easy to be fallen sick(Rainy Season and Spring) or when adding the new koi in the pond ,it is really effective to use only this product intensively for 3-4 days. After that ,it is effective just use 10% of this product mixing in your regular food.(Example:10 g. of MEDI-K + 90g. of regular food)

Guaranteed Analysis 

Crude Protein: Min 36% 

Crude Fat: Min 7%

Crude Fiber:Max 4%

Crude Ash :Max 14%

Moisture :Max  11%

Calcium:Min 1.7% 

Phosphorous :Min 1.2%

Noted :

Please be careful not be use only this product over 5 days

Store in a cool dry place 

Use up the product as soon as possible after open.